A framework is a plan starting point for the content on your website. A strong framework will give you clarity and direction when writing content, which can be useful if you are overwhelmed with ideas or have writer’s block. A well-put-together content framework can also save time in the writing process as it makes it easier to come up with topic ideas that fit into the big picture of what you are trying to say. 

Let have a look at the widely used frameworks: 

AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) 

AIDA is a classic copywriting formula that has been around for decades. AIDA is an effective way of telling your story to potential customers in the following stages: 

Attention – If you cannot get the attention of the reader, then there is no point in writing content. Readers will not bother reading what you have written, so your story needs to be compelling enough to get them interested in learning more about your product/service. 

Interest – Once you have gained their interest in your product/service, it’s important to hold onto this by keeping them engaged through great copywriting techniques such as storytelling and demonstrations. You need to show how, why, and where they would benefit from using your business over all others. 

Desire – At this stage, you need to make them desire your product/service. A great way to do this is by firstly pointing out the problems and inconveniences that they may currently be experiencing due to their current situation and how using your business can improve those situations. 

Then finally, Action – you need them to take action. A great way of doing this is by starting your call to action at the end of your text with a very strong one, “So, what are you waiting for? Give us a ring today!” This entices the reader to take that final step and display how easy it really is. 

PAS (Problem, Agitation, Solution) 

The PAS framework has been used for many years to incite action within a reader, PAS is used in the same way as the problem-agitation-solution selling structure where your content will firstly point out how your customer is currently experiencing problems due to their current situation. Then provoke feelings of agitation through these problems that are experienced and then suggest a solution; this will be you offering your product/service. PAS works because our brains want to avoid pain and gain pleasure which is why PAS can be effective

because it tells people exactly what they need to hear in order to motivate them into taking action (Svetoslav Nikolov). 

In short: 

• Present a problem, challenge or difficulty — make readers feel like they have a problem. Reveal an underlying problem that is often overlooked. 

• Agitate — cause frustration or dissatisfaction with the status quo; suggest that things can be better. 

• Suggest a solution — offer your company/brand/product as the answer to the problem. 

LIFT (Listen, Inform, Teach) 

Listen — get your audience’s attention by asking them a question. You can also use social proof in this step to convince readers that what you’re saying is correct and true. 

Inform — give people the information they want and need in order to solve their problem or achieve their goal. Be specific and detailed with the solution: don’t just say “buy my product”, tell them which one you want them to buy. Tell them why it will help, how it will help and when they should use it. 

Teach — teach them something new or tell them about yourself so they feel like you understand their problems and share similar values (think about storytelling here). 

Who we are, What we do, How we do it, 

This framework is the most commonly used one as it answers the basics. Who we are: who you are and who you help (if it’s a business) What we do: what your business or website is about How we do it: how you go from point A to point B. It is basic, simple and easy to understand for your customers. These four are just basic ideas for you to start with, but knowing your industry and having a good understanding of how your target audience communicates, will help you adapt the best content strategy. Once you are ready to put everything into a stunning looking website, contact us at web design Sunshine Coast and we will get you there.