Having high productivity in your company indicates you have created a healthy workplace and employee engagement. Productivity increases if your employees are happy and well-supported. Remember, employees are the backbone of any business. Without happy and motivated employees, achieving your goals, including growth and productivity, isn’t easy. When our business is productive, it increases profits, improves customer satisfaction, and lowers the cost of production. Ensuring your employees have the right equipment and are happy to increase productivity is crucial. Here are changes you can make in the company for more productivity.

Eliminate Distractions

Workers use social media, and there is this temptation of wanting to see what is happening on social media during work hours. It is very distractive such that an employee may not know when they have been there for too long. Personal phones and other gadgets can cause great distractions at work that could lower productivity. However, that does not mean banning using cell phones and social media at work. So, encourage your workers to only use their phones and social media during their free time.

Use Time-Tracking Software

Another way of increasing productivity is using employee time-tracking software. For instance, Monitask allows your workers to plan their day. It also helps to know how long a task should take to complete. With the software, you and the employees have more control over how work is done at the time it takes to complete tasks. It also gives employees accountability since the software will record their working hours. As the manager, you can use the reports generated by the software to make necessary changes, assign tasks and monitor employee performance.

Limit Unproductive Meetings

Meetings can be time-consuming, and operations must pause for a moment when you call for a meeting. Some of these meetings can be unproductive, so you need to limit them. So, only schedule meetings when necessary or when you have a pressing matter to discuss. You can find other effective ways to communicate with your workers instead of holding meetings. It saves valuable time you can spend on operational work.

Encourage Breaks

Employee burnout is the main culprit of unproductivity. If you force your employees to work like robots, you only create a recipe for disaster. It leaves your employees tired and less energized, and before you know it, they start calling in for sick days and are less motivated to work if they report to work. It is crucial to encourage your workers to take breaks. Give them time within the day to relax and recharge.

Offer Rewards

Recognizing your employees when they do a great job of improving performance is important. It boosts their morale and encourages them to work more for recognition. Motivate them with rewards like items of paid vacations. Promotions, pay raises, and personal gifts can motivate them to work more and smarter.


Your employees play an integral role in your business. Therefore, you must build a positive work culture to ensure happy and motivated employees. This way, your workers will be more productive. This, in turn, increases profits and boosts personal fulfillment.