Social media has become a part of our lives so much that we can’t live without it. We create & run businesses along with sharing snippets of our personal lives. It gives us a great platform to share concerns, thoughts and opinions. Another helpful way is that it drives sales to the business.

The Internet has been in the advertising scene for quite some time. However, social media has taken the marketing and advertising game to another level altogether. We see giant corporations investing millions of revenue in creating a presence on social media. 

Then how would small scale businesses generate leads for sales? Here are some sure shot tips that can help,

Are you listening?

Before pitching in the sales plan, you actually need to listen to what your audience speaks. Do you know? 32% of your Twitter followers want you to respond within the first 30 minutes of reaching out! It might seem unbelievable but, that’s true.

As the old saying goes, ‘listen before you speak’. Apply the same mantra to understand the pulse of the audience. It can be a great way to plan out your launches and offers. Once you make them feel heard, they will automatically become a loyal customer and a brand ambassador of the product.

Are you playing the game?

Social media is all about entertainment. No matter what information it is, the audience receives it wholeheartedly when catered to in a fun way. So ensure that the content doesn’t seem too pushy or typically forced to improve sales. Consider affiliate marketing and influencer marketing.

These are the top ways to reach different masses and sooner. However, you can also invest in email marketing. This marketing has the highest return on investment compared to any others. Access the email addresses of your focused demographics and send them with offers and newsletters.

Protip: Finding email contacts has now become easy with email search engines such as This free email finder also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. Hence, making it easy to find and validate contact in no time.

Are you easy to find?

Be it the website or the products you sell on it – they should be easy to locate for the viewers. Shoppable pins, posts or tags, no matter which social media platform you’re on, the products and website should be easily accessible. Let’s take an example of Instagram – it has shoppable pins on the posts. 

When clicked on them, a window pops with the product, price and the option to add it to the cart. All of these possibilities without even having to leave Instagram. Add your website’s link in the bio as it becomes easy for the audience to find you.

Final thoughts

The above points are definitely a kickstart for small businesses. Apart from these, invest in paid ads and know your audience for better penetration. Don’t be afraid to convert your most loyal customers to brand advocates! You never know who will end up bringing more business