When your in-house SaaS marketing efforts are falling short of your expectations, it might be time to take the bull by the horns and consider hiring a professional company. Warning signs that your Saas marketing fails can be observed in several ways; for instance, when all remarketing strategies are ineffective, you are having a high bounce rate on your SaaS landing page or failing to reach the target audience. There are numerous advantages associated with outsourcing SaaS marketing. But why is it an increasingly popular path utilized in almost all industries globally?

Benefits of Outsourced SaaS Marketing

It is cost-effective

In the long run, it is cheaper to outsource your SaaS marketing than to employ an internal marketing department. With outsourcing, you get to pay for only the specific services you require. Not to mention, you avoid the costly burden of hiring, payroll, equipment, and software.

Access to expert knowledge

Outsourced marketing teams often comprise of a technical team of professionals. Each individual in the group has a specific skill set work. When they work correlatively, they can achieve a production capacity equivalent to that of five in-house marketing employees. Outsourcing a SaaS marketing team gives you access to specific fields like branding, content, and even SEO.

It is easy to obtain feedback

An outsourced credible SaaS marketing company should be able to communicate with your customers to get feedback that is objective. This is a common issue faced by small businesses whose marketing teams are incapable of developing and executing effective customer satisfaction strategies, as is with a professional SaaS marketing company. It would be best if you got valuable insights from a diverse client base to gain a proper perspective about your products or services. Additionally, objective feedback will enable the development of new SaaS marketing strategies that can be implemented to guarantee the prosperity of your business. 

Disadvantages of outsourcing SaaS marketing

Although Software as a Service has popularised as a paradigm shift in the way small businesses utilize software, there is a downside associated with outsourcing SaaS marketing. These drawbacks are not necessarily deal-breakers to send you packing and sailing; instead, they can pose particular challenges that need to be addressed.

Loss of control

In-house marketing teams are wholly under the control of directors or supervisors. When you hire a hosted solution, you hand over the most autonomy to a third-party provider. If you are uncomfortable with the prospect of having to rely on an ‘outsider’ to manage critical applications, an outsourced SaaS marketing provider may not be viable.

Risk of hiring incompetent marketers

One must pick a SaaS marketing agency that best fits within their business culture and model. You risk ruining your company’s reputation if the hired help is inadequately trained to meet the customers’ expectations.

Take Away

Even though outsourcing various marketing activities by businesses is increasing in the last decade, before you venture into SaaS marketing, conduct research, and evaluate all scenarios that may work or any obstacles that may arise.