Temporary tattoos are in the rage right now, used by kids and adults. They are fun, cheap, and easy to use, and they are everywhere, especially at music festivals. Some of these temporary tattoos look so real that you cannot tell the difference between real and fake tattoos. Even though they are mainly used for skin decoration, they are also helpful in other ways.

The following are other unique ways of using temporary tattoos.

Nail Art

You can never go wrong with temporary tattoos custom on nails. You can get many sources of inspiration on the internet to find fantastic nail art designs. Temporary tattoos are a great way of making beautiful nail designs since they come off quickly compared to polish. They offer a cheap way of taking your pedicure and manicure to the next level. After applying the base cat and color coat, press the tattoo on the nail, and Voila!

On Crafts

Some people also use temporary tattoos on artwork and crafts. For example, you can try it on woodwork to create intricate designs. You may also press them on vases and pots. The best thing about temporary tattoos on crafts is that they create an extra vibe, and you can use your craft on different events like Halloween, Easter, or Thanksgiving.

Party Décor

Here is the best place to use temporary tattoos if you have a themed party. Planning for the party and ensuring your menu goes according to the theme is essential. Using temporary tattoos is vital to add a vibe to your theme party. You can use metallic temporary tattoos to reflect the theme and make the celebration special. The good thing is that temporary tattoos are easy to apply on party cups, cocktail glasses, pitchers, etc. So, you can have clear tattoos on your party items, helping you carry the theme around and get a unique party décor.

Mannequin Makeover

You can also go for a choice like tribal tattoos to apply on mannequins to add a personalized touch to your store. Additionally, you can wear temporary tattoos when you have sponsored events or attend a trade show. They provide a unique way of presenting your brand and making your booth stand out. Ensure you buy high-quality, durable, and waterproof temporary tattoos that resist outdoor conditions. You can then remove them easily without damaging your mannequins.

Kids’ Safety

Parents know how stressful having a kid or two in public or crowded places like an amusement park can be. When you take your kid to a park, you want them to have the best time, which means letting them off the leash. Try the creativity for kids by applying a customized temporary tattoo on the kid bearing your phone number. This will give you peace of mind when you know someone will find a way to contact you should the kid get lost in the crowd.


There are many ways you can use temporary tattoos beyond the skin. Be creative and use them to make something look extra special or do anything within your imagination.

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