To optimize the work of the sales department and the support service, you need to use special programs or tools. You can use the appointment rules. This automates workflows and makes it easier for employees to complete their tasks.

What is the case in salesforce? With the services offered by, you will be able to send messages to your employees. Specialists in any field will answer clients’ questions faster. All tasks are sorted by priority depending on which service package a particular client has. Users with the highest status will be the first to receive answers.

The situation is similar for communicating with potential clients. You will decide for which users the leads from your Internet resource are intended, and for whom the leads from social networks are more suitable.

How is the case formula in salesforce formed

Once you’ve got the general information about assignment rules in Salesforce, you need to understand how to configure them. An important step is to create a queue of requests. For this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the settings, find the quick search field and specify the “queue,” then enter the employee’s name and label.
  2. Open the email address field. If you want all your subordinates to receive email notifications at the time of creating a new request, don’t fill in this column. If the message is to be sent to specific employees, add only their email addresses here.
  3. Fill in the column for selecting objects. Specify the necessary parameters in it.
  4. Determine which employees this setting is intended for. Enter their details in the corresponding field and save the changes.

Creating rules for assigning requests is also easy. You will need to open the settings and specify “assignment rules” in the quick search. Select the tasks option, create a new case and save changes.

When a new rule has been created, go to the section for rule entries. You will be able to sort the events in the specified order. New records will be processed accordingly. If the number 1 is indicated next to the assignment, then employees will work on such a request first.

Next, you define the criteria for this rule, the user who will perform the task. Find templates for emails in your directory. Choose a specific one, which will be forwarded to the user after receiving a new request. Check the activity icon for the rule and save all changes. Now your employees will be able to work with the salesforce assignment rule in the order of arrival.

Summing up: what is the case in salesforce

Requests of potential buyers are what the support service constantly works with. The case formula in salesforce is required to optimize and speed up the order processing. Your employees will be able to immediately see each request and quickly respond to important questions, providing users with simple solutions to their problems.