Carles Agustí iHernàndez, from Spain and European International consultant expert, become the world’s 1st certified by IFGICT as Sustainable Development Goals Manager “SDGM” ,Carles Agustí iHernàndez is an expert in governance, open government, smart cities, SDG’s and international relations. He’s consultant, senior advisor, and International speaker about this issue in more than 100 congresses and events over the world. He’s nominated by the World CSR organization as one of 50 best experts in Smart Cities at the world level. He attended different SDG work and definition United Nations congresses, develop some SDG accomplishment and training projects, and write some articles about it.

He’s also country officer of the International Federation of Global and Green Information Communication Technology (IFGICT) member of advisory Committee of Open Data Institute Barcelona, Leading Cities Advisory Board and international consultant member, and SDG16 Open Government Commission of UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments) member. He is Graduated in Politics and Sociology with studies of History and he’s visiting professor in different universities.

The IFGICT SDGM Certificate is international recognition of consulting capacities, implementation, compliance, and other work-related to these Sustainable Development Goals. Dr Kayyali , IFGICT president mentioned “These SDGs are a global sustainable governance initiative of United Nations for the entire planet, and as such, their treatment requires specific knowledge that IFGICT credits with the SDGM” , to learn more about SDGM Certification visit

Since the end of last century there has been an ever-increasing awareness of how much mankind has excessively used and abused this planet of ours —especially since the beginning of the industrial revolution. This global awareness has led to recognition that sustainability must now be at the foundation of all our thoughts, words and actions.  This requires a concerted effort to re-orient human activity, so that society and its members can meet their needs and express their full potential in the present whilst a maintaining our biodiversity and natural ecosystems.  At its core, sustainability is a call for planning, building capacity and acting in a manner that allows us to maintain this balance indefinitely.

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Dr.Kayyali, President of IFGICT mentioned. “The IFGICT provides an excellent approach to companies and partners across the world, such an approach would help and support them to become internationally recognized by following ICT Standard”