Digital platforms continue to redefine the relationships between employers, workers and customers as the digital revolution infiltrates everything people do from online shopping to working remotely. As access to computing improves significantly and more people around the globe get involved in e-commerce, it is important to consider how different policies can enable you to maximize on the advantages of the digital revolution while working from home.

The rise of technology results from how technical changes contribute to the productivity of various industries and sectors. These changes have the potential to create amazing opportunities in the long run but a digital revolution can also be disruptive due to the intrusiveness and flexibility of new technology. Subsequently, the benefits arise from adopting technology as well as adjusting to it. The advent of the digital era paved the way for better service and efficiency within the workforce and making it possible to function from anywhere.

Pros and Cons of Technology  
Technology has evolved drastically over the last five decades. Information has become much more accessible and communication has brought people closer through the internet. From vehicle manufacturing to healthcare, there have been significant developments towards improving the way people around the world work.

While technology has made life better in multiple ways, it also has some disadvantages that include online scams and losing touch with reality when you are glued to a screen throughout the day. Considering how incredible technological advancements have been and the perils that come with them, it is interesting to observe their impact around the world.

When the world encounters setbacks such as a pandemic, the ability to communicate effectively without being physically present is highly valued. Boosting communication technology enables businesses and individuals to develop and maintain their relationships.

Several people use the internet for information. Search engines have provided a simple way to gather data but the internet has also contributed to the prevalence of misinformation. With a hectic schedule and busy life, it may not always be possible to investigate certain claims or search for facts.

Tech Addition and How to Fight It  
Tech addition affects several people, which is not surprising since the internet is incorporated into all aspects of life. This addition can be attributed to the relationship between the internet and business activities, widespread use of social media, how people receive information or a combination of these factors.

Fighting tech addiction begins with changing certain habits. Making these changes involves replacing detrimental behaviors. Rather than checking your phone every second, adopt a new fulfilling behavior such as exercise, meditation or reading when you take breaks from work.

Detoxifying regularly is an effective approach to escaping the digital world. This requires time away from technology and limiting access to it. You can begin with short periods each day and progress to whole weekends or days without the internet during your free time.  

It is important to restrict how you use various applications to avoid being overwhelmed by constant updates and new information. For instance, you can set a certain time to check email for work or visit social media platforms once a day. Remote workers need to regulate schedules that may interfere with their sleep by implementing a regular routine, avoiding excessive caffeine consumption.

Many people have transitioned from a conventional work environment to working remotely from home. Although this provides more flexibility, fewer distractions and independence, there are some challenges that still need to be considered. These include higher utilities as people spend more time at home and costs begin to rise. Another challenge with working remotely is trying to maintain a work-life balance, if you are in the same space all day it may be hard to clock out mentally and you may find yourself working longer hours. If possible a great way to break up your day is to soak up the sun, take occasional walks and work outdoors if weather permits. The extra dose of the sun has been proven to improve mental health and the extra time outside of the home can also help lower your  Duquesne Light bill. Technology has been the saving grace or a lot of companies during this pandemic but remember to use wisely.