One of the best-kept secrets of being a top-notch accountant is possessing a go-to set of technology tools to save time and boost efficiency. If you want to improve as an accountant, be sure to arm yourself with some of the tech tools we outline below. 

These are top picks by accomplished accountants, so you’re sure to find them useful.

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Accelo allows you to manage tasks and records the entire time you work on every client each day. Then, it’s simple to bill for all of the work performed. You even can record various rates for every accounting client. 

Accounting pros also say it allows several auto-reminders to revisit tasks that await other employees’ actions and keep projects moving forward. 


Many CPAs use AuditFile to do financial audits. The tool saves tons of time because the program exists in one place. It also works excellent with Xero and QuickBooks Online

Some accountants comment that using a non-cloud auditing program and lacking a central location to do the audit means too much unnecessary clerical work. After converting, they report better organization and superior integration with AuditFile. 


Are you tired of typing endless expense-related data into QuickBooks Online? AutoEntry allows you to do just that. Before using this accounting tool, accountants say they wasted hours per week typing receipts and bills into Quickbooks. Using AutoEntry, that’s reduced to minutes per week. And you just need a quick review to ensure you didn’t fail to upload receipts. 

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang provides accountants with read receipts in Gmail. That way, you know all clients are receiving messages. Bonuses: You also can schedule emails and post recurring email messages to save time. 

Being able to schedule an email in the future is a massive time-saver. Plus, you can send the email when the client probably reads them. Before Boomerang, several accountants said it was impossible to know if clients had received messages. 


This nifty accounting tool lets you automate incoming and outgoing telephone calls. Also, it comes up with separate schedules that target different clients and prospects. Calendly can eliminate the regular back-and-forth of choosing a time and date to talk to clients and prospects. Some pros report they can save 50% of their phone time with Calendly scheduler. 


This program offers workflow and scheduling automation to set up all jobs – big or small. It also tells all stakeholders what deliverables are due, how to do them, and when they’re needed. It’s a fantastic tool that accountants from one-person shops to major accounting firms can find useful. 

This product is similar to competing workflow management tools, but it accomplishes the same things, plus it can handle other administrative tasks. Want to save five or six hours per week on average? Try ClickUp! 


This is a comprehensive collaboration portal for clients that lets accountants perform all client communications in one shared platform. Accountants report that staff and clients love it to send multiple messages daily and handle requests to clients for documents and financial information. 

It also is handy for giving accountant clients simple access to application logins, resources, and forms. 

Before ClientHub, accountants noted they communicated with clients by email but could easily track responses. With this tool, they know the items they’re waiting on. They don’t initiate client work until they have all the necessary information. 

If you’re interested in automating your accounting firm or department, remember to review the above cool tech tools!