The Dangers of Technology Addiction 

  • Chemical addiction: Technology addiction falls into the same category of behavioural addiction like sex and gambling. Over time your body will start to crave levelling up or likes from a social media post due to the short-term effects of dopamine release. This inability to control and limit this need for excess connectivity due to quick and easy ‘rewards’ from using technology can actually disconnect you from work, loved ones, and work.
  • Increased electricity cost: The more you use your technological devices, the more energy that’s required to keep them powered up for your use. The cost of leaving unused appliances on standby can account for 3% of your energy bill. Besides the physical and social effects, this percentage can cause a significant increase overtime to your TXU Energy electricity bill.
  • Reduced quality of life: Since moderation is key and technology addiction minimizes your ability to rationalize appropriate levels of technology usage, your quality of life may also suffer. Neglecting your life in front of you because you’re focusing too much on your life online can result in poor hygiene, lack of meaningful relationships, and increased irritability when forced to unplug.

 Importance of Taking a Tech Break 

  • Increased self-confidence: Technology can be a great way to share your best moments in everyday life. However, it’s easy to forget what most people show on social media is just a snapshot of their life. Minimizing screen time and rationalizing your habit of idolizing social media personalities will help improve your self-worth.
  • Meaningful relationships: Imagine you’re catching up with an old friend or are on a first date. How bad would first impressions be if they were on their phone every 5 minutes? Putting your phone away allows you to spend time with your loved ones who are around you everyday in real life and fully appreciate their presence.
  • Minimize stress: The convenience of working from home on your laptop and reading emails on your mobile has been wonders for flexibility with work-life balance. At the same time, these devices may also be the reason why you’re struggling to balance work and life. Creating boundaries, such as checking emails at designated times of day, can subdue the temptation to let work take over your personal life and minimize constant stress.

 Activities to Entertain Yourself Without the Phone 

  • Planting without the power of technology: By unplugging your phone, you gain power to make your house a home by spending time outside and gardening. Did you know that just being in nature can decrease stress and lower blood pressure? Why not use those green thumbs in the garden instead of typing away on your phone?
  • Do more activities with your loved ones: Family and friends are very important. By spending less time on your phone for entertainment, you can connect with your loved ones with fun activities. Cooking dinner together, having games nights, and going on walks are easy ways to incorporate fun group activities in your daily routine.
  • Declutter to improve your physical and mental wellbeing: Although life online may seem glamorous and perfect, it’s easy to realize you may be neglecting your real life. It’s important to consider that decluttering isn’t just restricted to your physical space. Finding out how you like to organize can be great fun. Unleash creativity and get organised with a bullet journal. Having regular cleaning days can help reassure yourself you’re on track to keeping mess to a minimum so you can live your best life offline.


 Taking a little time away from your screen will benefit you in so many ways in the long term. From connecting more with loved ones over everyday activities to unleashing your inner creativity by trying to find offline passions, there are endless things to entertain yourself while unplugged.