Even though you might think that a custom website is something that only big, bureaucratic charities can afford to develop, it doesn’t have to be very expensive to get one. You can build your website for literally pennies a day! And these are just the costliest sites. The average charity spends anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 on hosting alone. Add in domain name fees and site maintenance fees, and you’re looking at around $1,000 per year just for hosting.

How to Create a Custom Website for Your Charity

A custom website is a really useful tool for charities. It can be used as a sales and marketing tool and a recruiting tool. It can help you raise awareness of your cause and get potential donors interested in your organization.

There are many different websites that you can create for your charity web design. Each type has many different benefits, but we’ll cover the most important:

E-Commerce: You can set up an e-commerce site on your custom website. This is great for creating products that you plan to sell on your website and market research. You can track sales and profits, understand customer needs and expectations, and find new strategies to sell more products in the future.

Fundraising: You can create a fundraising portal on your custom website. This is great for collecting donations, managing fundraising events, and growing your reach. You can track the success of these events, understand the needs and expectations of your donors, and find new strategies to reach more people with your cause.

Why You Should Build One

A custom website can be a great source of new leads and new supporters for your charity. Your site visitors are more likely to donate or even join your mailing list if they like what they see.

Creating a custom website also avoids running into the same issues that other charities have encountered when trying to get on the web. Many charities have trouble securing web hosting or even managing their websites. They spend thousands of dollars without seeing a single donation. This is Often because the charities don’t know how to set up their websites. Or, the charities don’t know the ins and outs of securing a website for their charity. Or, the charities don’t know that they should be using a custom website at all.

Ways Charities Can Use a Custom Website to Boost Awareness and fall in line With Their Mission

Boosting awareness:  The first and most obvious benefit of a custom website is that it will help you boost awareness of your cause. When someone visits your site and looks for your specific topic, they may even find your organization on a Google search. By boosting awareness of your cause, you increase your chance of finding new supporters. This could lead to a large increase in donations or interest in your cause. Making Major Websites that are too basic can do a lot of damage to your charity.

You could spend the time and money creating a great site only to have it buried in a sea of negative chatter on the internet. Or worse – it could damage your reputation as a charity. We can handle the rest when you’re the first agency to provide us with your website. Your site will be visible to the entire internet, and your brand will be displayed for all to see.

A custom website can be a huge boost for your charity. Not only do people visiting your site get a free brochure, but they may also even donate. And most importantly, your site will get lots of visitors interested in your cause.