Do you want a unique and memorable website that will definitely stand out? Here’s a few tips to creating the ultimate website that reflects yourself, your business or your brand the best. 

Differentiating your website is one of the most significant steps to stand out from the countless other websites on the internet screaming for people’s attention. But fret no further, there are things you can do to make your website stand out, some of them are easier accomplished than others but let’s take a look. 

Use original and unique content 

When it comes to website content, uniqueness and originality is key. It is important to frequently update your website content using fun, upbeat language and interesting graphics. It is also important to direct your audience’s attention to the centerpiece of your website, whether it is art work, photographs of workspaces or products or services or even abstract symbols that represent a company motto or work ethic. 

When creating such content it’s important to keep in mind the searchability of the website, use headlines and titles that will rank high in search engine results. The use of unique and original content, and directing the audience’s focus to the centerpiece of your website instead of demanding that they focus on every tiny detail in the website is how you can make your website stand out.  

Use videos and moving imagery 

A quick 30-second introduction video is one very good way to make your website stand out. A quick video explaining the purpose of a website, the products and services it showcases and the management team behind the website is one quick way to get noticed. Audiences will simply want to click the play button rather than reading lengthy content, regardless of how unique or original it may be. Using videos and ‘behind-the-scenes’ clips instead of generic stock photos is one sure way to show an audience what a website is really about, its purpose and motivations, and how things are off camera behind the scenes. People love that sort of content.  

Add creative bios 

This tip is specifically directed at websites in the business world, however it is an equally important tip for websites in the non-business world. Adding creative and detailed bios of company staff and employees can differentiate your website from others if you do it right. The key is to make the bios unique. People would like to know who they are working with, so ask employees to be creative by revealing their favorite film or song, or a story of what spurred their interest in that particular industry, use photographs that aren’t the usual headshots, or anything that identifies them as individuals and personalities instead of mere employees. Unique company bios can help create meaningful connections and engagement between websites and existing and prospective clients. 

Center websites around the audience 

One last thing that really makes websites stand out is centering a website on the ideals and expectations of its intended audience. This means communicating the value of a website’s offerings in terms that resonates with the audience. One way of doing this is adding a company blog to the website’s menu. A company blog creates a more personal relationship between the audience and the website, it allows audiences to see real-time events and new product releases, and also keep updated with company (or personal) news. A blog should answer questions the audience wants to know. Indirectly it creates an informal platform that an audience may be more comfortable engaging with. It allows audiences to get to know a website and its owners more personally, and get a feel for what a website or organization is truly passionate about.  

How can using a website builder help?

Using a website builder to help your website stand out is one of the best things you can do. The best website builders can help you better highlight aspects you want people to notice about the website, they require no coding or programming skills from their users and let’s you focus on what is really important while the professionals develop the website you envision and the message you want to relay through your website. So why not give website builders a try to help make your website stand out?