The winter season comes with its challenges, especially for the drivers. That is why you have to think about getting new tires that will ensure comfort while on the road and avoid problems.

 Imagine you are on the road one morning, and you get stuck in the snow, and you have to seek help – it can be so traumatizing. Having new and right quality winter tires will give you a perfect grip on the road and you can rest assured that you will reach your destination safely.

You are that responsible driver and probably trying to figure out which are the best winter tires?

Continue reading and find out some of the factors to consider when choosing winter tires.

 Get to know the right size.

One of the questions you’ll be asked in the store is the size of your tires, and therefore you must find out before leaving your garage. Tires for all seasons, whether summer or winter, are the same size.

Check the tire’s sidewall, and you will find the code written in the format – P125/ 40/ R12. Let your mechanic or an expert in the shop explain to you what the numbers mean. This will help you make the right choice for your car.

Where possible, drive to the shop and let the experts fix for you. That will avoid a case where you aren’t sure of the size, and you end up wasting your money in the wrong size.

Compare different tires

You’re not in a hurry; thus, you need to walk to the padangos store and compare the different tires available. Check out for the general qualities like the lateral stiffness, flexibility, and the grooves. Please make sure you choose large grooves for the winter tire for better traction, and they help displace mud and snow.

Choose your questions carefully.

When looking for tires in the store, you need to know the right questions to answer so that you pick the right tires. The guy at the store would want to know your annual mileage, where you live, and your budget for the tires.

 Ask for reinforced tires-these will provide better control when turning. The sales rep at the shop should also take you through the different types of tire threads- the pros and cons of each, especially the noise level. 

Snow tires vs. ice tires

Ice tires are considered more superior for their excellent traction on the ice and snow, but the opposite isn’t always the case. If you drive on dry surfaces and highways, then ice tires are highly recommended.

If you are a downtown guy, then the best option would be tires with perfect traction to get you through the snowbanks safely.

Insist on a variety

Every shop has an offer for the day with a preference for a specific tire. Thus the price will be friendlier than others. As appealing as it may seem, you have to be careful and demand to see more types.

It could be that they want to get the tire out for stock, and if you fall for the seemingly low price, you end up losing. You’d rather spend a little more on a tire than pay less for poor quality.

When choosing tires from the shop, ensure that you have the best prescription for the right type you need—mixing tires from different brands because you may get a difference in sizes, grooves, and such, which leads to discomfort premature wear. Again, for the best quality, buy ziemines padangos from reputable shops only.