The myths have long been debunked that only older men have problems with erectile dysfunction or impotency. Today urologists more and more often in their daily medical practice are faced with the need to identify the causes and find ways to restore potency in young patients. Modern technologies and methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotence) with a timely diagnosis can significantly improve the quality of a man’s sexual life.

Erectile dysfunction is a recurring condition characterized by an impaired quality of erection, the inability to maintain or achieve it to the extent necessary for full sexual intercourse.

The term “erectile dysfunction” was coined in 1992 when the American National Institutes of Health proposed using it as a broader concept than impotence. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), based on numerous authoritative world studies, every tenth man, aged 21-29 complains of erectile dysfunction, every fifth man at 30-35 years old, and almost every second man at 40-70 years old. Such is the scale of the problem today, and experts predict that these figures may double in the next 25 years.

It is recommended to visit the best urologist in Gurgaon for consultation at the CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon if the following symptoms are noted:

  • not strong enough for sexual intercourse erection
  • problems or inability to achieve a satisfactory level and duration of erection
  • premature ejaculation

Causes of the development of erectile dysfunction

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol, especially “beer alcoholism”, drug addiction.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic lack of sleep, constant stressful situations at work and in family relationships.
  • Environmental factors: unbalanced irrational diet, food depleted in vitamins and microelements, GMO (genetically modified foods).
  • Increased background radiation, work under high-frequency radiation.
  • Features of the formation of a man’s personality and the formation of his sexuality.
  • Hormonal regulation disorders: hypogonadism (insufficient testosterone production by the testes of a man), a number of diseases associated with dysfunction of the pituitary gland and adrenal glands, some tumors (for example, pituitary adenoma).
  • Side effects of taking various medications (some antihypertensive and antiarrhythmic drugs, corticosteroids, psychotropic drugs and antidepressants, etc.).
  • Age-related and acquired changes in the tissue and structures of the penis involved in the mechanism of erection.
  • Neurological diseases and disorders (epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, trauma and operations of the brain and spinal cord, small pelvis and perineum).
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc.).
  • Diabetes mellitus, obesity, metabolic syndrome.

This list contains only the most common causes underlying the development of dysfunction or diseases, the symptom of which is a deterioration in the quality of erection.

According to another classification of factors for the occurrence of disorders, erectile dysfunction is divided into psychogenic and organic (somatic). The table below shows the differences between these types from each other, which largely determine the scheme of the prescribed treatment.

Erectile dysfunction treatment methods

Modern knowledge in the field of urology, andrology and sexology, as well as the ability to individually select a combination of pharmacological agents, therapeutic and surgical techniques, today allow us to solve many problems associated with erectile dysfunction (impotence). When choosing an effective treatment strategy, much depends on the causes and degree of manifestation of the disorder, on the age, concomitant diseases.

In the arsenal of urologists there are certified modern drugs that help to stimulate the restoration of erectile function or even completely pharmacologically replace the lifelong links in the mechanism of an adequate erection. Thanks to active advertising, today everyone knows the names of the most famous drugs to restore potency. But doctors urge people to refrain from self-medication, which can lead to negative side effects. Only professional advice and optimal diagnostics will guarantee that the prescribed drugs will be effective and will not harm your health.

Physiotherapy methods are widely used in medical practice to improve blood flow and the quality of erection, for example, LOD therapy (negative pressure treatment) , shock wave therapy. The family medicine clinics “MEDI on Nevsky” and “MEDI on Komendantsky” offer the opportunity to conduct a complex treatment using LOD therapy, supplemented by laser and LED irradiation. The procedures are performed on a modern apparatus and show high efficiency in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, especially in the case of vascular pathology detected in the early stages.

There are also technologies for prosthetics of erectile function – surgical interventions with the installation of phyllo prostheses of various modifications. This is a radical method of overcoming the true, organic causes of erectile dysfunction, which doctors use only after a thorough examination of the patient. The decision on prosthetics must be made with all the diagnostic information and with full awareness of the responsibility of the choice made. Because, no matter how reliable, multi-component and modern the installed phyllo prosthesis is, after the operation, the restoration of the natural mechanism of erection will become impossible.

To effectively restore erectile function, it is necessary to visit a urologist’s consultation and undergo a complete medical examination. Seeking professional help, the patient is guaranteed to receive complete information about the causes of the violation and reasoned answers to all questions about the prescribed procedures. Recommendations for achieving a harmonious balance of work and rest will be formed, a scheme for correct, varied, and tasty nutrition will be drawn up. A well-chosen course of treatment and prophylactic measures, carried out under the supervision of professionals, will allow achieving speedy restoration of an adequate erection.

Prevention Tips for ED

Measures for the general prevention of erectile dysfunction include:

  • balanced and rational nutrition, rich in vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • observance of the regime of work and rest, first of all, full sleep (it is in a dream that the body restores all its unique self-regulation settings and eliminates “breakdowns” in them);
  • physical activity, sports, including in the fresh air;
  • lack of prolonged stressful situations at work and at home;
  • refusal to abuse alcohol (including beer), smoking and taking any drugs;
  • timely prevention and treatment by specialists of diseases leading to erectile dysfunction (hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, obesity, etc.).

“It should be remembered that overeating and overweight is also a direct path to potency disorders.”

Erectile dysfunction is often the result of some disease or disorder in the regulation of the erection process. Violations rarely occur instantly and permanently. Therefore, at the first manifestations of dysfunction, a man is advised to immediately consult a doctor or visit the best urology hospital in Gurgaon, including just for advice, so as not to miss the moment to start a timely, effective and safe treatment.