Source: Time Business News : The “Green IT Professional” certification is the official training program offered by the IFGICT “Green ICT Standard” to all ICT professionals globally. The program is designed to develop the skills and knowledge for certified “Green IT Professionals” in the Green IT domain. Upon successful completion and subsequent award of the Green IT Professional Certification. The candidate will be authorized to conduct exam preparation & training to interested candidates through authorized a Green IT Standard “Training Provider”. Act as a ratified and accredited Consultant Auditor to perform consultancy services to achieve and deliver the “Green Business/Government Certification”. As per the Green IT Standard in coordination with an authorized Green IT Standard Service Provider. The Certification is valid globally and is recognized by all Green IT Standard chapters/regions. 

Why achieve the “Green IT Professional” Certification?

Green IT Professional’s workforce market has already started to experience significant growth, especially with significant management consulting firms. A recent study of the US IT job market establishes that Green IT Professional’s demand is rising in the U.S and globally.

The industry demand for Green IT professionals is limitless. While approaches differ globally, there is a global consensus that climate change has been established as a fact of our current era. The UNFCCC encourages governments and organizations to adopt and adhere to a “Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)” where the impact of industry on the environment is minimized if not eliminated to improve industrial operations further. ​ 

Green optimization of the global ICT environment plays a significant part in engaging global climate change initiatives. Only Green IT Professionals can sustain and maintain a reduction in energy consumption and develop techniques to reduce greenhouse gas emissions attributed to ICT usage.

Fortune 500 company recruiters are on the lookout for Green IT Professionals. IT managers, IT engineers and IT specialists who hold green IT professional certifications are essential resources for companies to manage the green IT department and maintain its IT-developed green IT strategy, where a significant reduction in energy use is achieved in their ICT environment.

Who is it for?

Everyone has an understanding or interest in green IT. It includes IT professionals as well as those responsible for corporate social responsibility and procurement or infrastructure. The Green IT Professional course is designed to be beneficial to a broad audience, not just IT leaders and managers. The Green IT course content is essential knowledge for career success as Chief Sustainability Officer, Facility Manager. Architect and Building Design Engineer, Procurement and Purchasing Manager, and Corporate Social Responsibility leader. There is also an increasing demand for sales, Business Development, and consulting professionals who are knowledgeable about ICT sustainability.

The course is self-study costs $250 US, including materials, online exam, and Certification.

Course outline :

  1. The Role of Computer Consultants in Propagating Green ICT
  2. The Impact of Green ICT on Industry
  3. Green ICT and Organization Strategy
  4. Green ICT Standard and Labels
  5. ISO 14001, ITU-T and the Green ICT Standards
  6. ISO 14001 Concept & ISO 14001 methodology
  7. Environmental Management System Audit
  8. ITU-T Standards General Principles
  9. ICT Life Cycle Assessment
  10. CO2 Emissions Calculation Formula
  11. Procedures of Comparisons between Systems (Comparative Analysis)
  12. Green ICT Standard Main Elements (LCA)
  13. Key Roles in Green ICT Organization
  14. Climate Change: The UNFCCC perspective
  15. Data Center for Green
  16. Green Cloud Computing
  17. Cloud Impact to Future Jobs
  18. Green ICT Standard Audit Template Sample
  19. Green ICT Standard EMS Manual

Process of becoming Green IT Professional

1-Submit / Register your name (contact us)

2- Pay online

3- You will be receiving course material 

4- Setup exam date with customer service

5- Receive your Professional Certificate & recognition letter upon passing the exam​