When you use emails to network with professionals, it brings with it some unique challenges and windows of opportunity.

What’s your goal behind networking? 

Maybe you wish to broaden your professional network or deepen your connection with others as you work from home, or it could be even because you are into a virtual job search.

What’s the Big Deal with Email?

Firstly, whatever may be your objective, to begin networking through email, you first need their business email address. That makes sense, right?

So, do you have the list ready? Or how would you manage to get their email addresses?

Well, there are many ways to find that. 

You can look for it in their portfolio, social media handles, blog or website. If you don’t find their email address anywhere on the internet, you might then have to rely on email finder tools such as GetEmail.io, Hunter.io, Snov.io, etc.

The advantage of using GetEmail.io is that it uses machine learning and big data algorithm to predict the email addresses, thereby giving you a highly accurate result. You have to provide their company name, first name, and last name. With these details, the tool will provide the correct email address.

Second, unlike a live conversation, with emails, you don’t know when you would receive a response from the other end. You may lack many of the significant elements available when you meet them in person or on a video call.

However, when you craft your emails skillfully, it can be an ideal networking tool. So, how to write thoughtful and exciting emails which can deepen your network?

Keep it Short

Everybody is busy. No one likes to spend time reading through an email as long as a blog post.

Therefore, it is wise to send an email that is short and crisp.

Choose Your Subject Lines Wisely

A significant challenge of sending emails is getting your recipient to open them. It is pretty essential that your subject lines draw the attention of people. 

Feed their Ego

An intelligent way to grab someone’s attention is by flattering them with your email. Suppose that the person you are reaching out to has made an achievement; you could highlight their accomplishment and how much they inspire you.

By doing so, you let them know that you genuinely admire them and build a good relationship with them.

Be Persistent and Patient

As you know, corporate email users get more than a hundred emails per day, so you have to wait for a week or ten days to get a response from the recipient.

If you don’t get a reply from them for ten days, you may then send a follow-up email to them; This is the appropriate way to contact them.

Final Thoughts

Sending thoughtful emails would remain the most effective approach to reach out to other professionals and build a good relationship with them. This way, you create a network where you help each other to grow and succeed.