UX means user experience, a popular term you will encounter in the digital world and the technology design industry. Whether you want to develop a digital product such as a mobile app or software, UX  is something you have to consider for the project’s success. Here is everything you didn’t know about UX design and why you should care.

What is UX?

First of all, UX refers to user experience, which means how the end-user or people interact with a digital product. A good example: when you want to light your room, you press the lights button. In that case, the design of the switch, including its material and color, may affect how you interact with it.

In the digital world, user experience or UX refers to the aspects that affect the user’s interaction with a product, whether a website, software or app. The end-users assess their experience depending on the product’s usability, value, functionality, and general impression.

Some things to keep in mind include;

  • User experience is about how users feel and think about the product.
  • To design a UX strategy, you have to think about the role the digital product plays in the user’s life.
  • User experience is subject to change over time. For instance, people may change their minds when they become more familiar with a product or develop mixed feelings when a similar product appears in the market.

What is UX design?

User experience is often followed by the term design. UX design is creating digital products that are usable and practical. You can’t design user experience because it refers to the user’s impression or perception of the product. However, you can develop or facilitate conditions that will lead to a positive user experience.

A competitive Louisville UX design has the following attributes:

  • Usable- the digital product should be familiar and easy to use.
  • Valuable- the product must fulfill or meet a specific need in the market or user’s life. Otherwise, they have no use for it.
  • Findable- if the user experiences a problem using the product, they should be able to find a solution quickly.
  • Accessible- the product should be easily accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.
  • Credible- the company that has launched the product must be trustworthy.
  • Desirable- the product should be impressive in visual appearance and other aesthetic features such as typography and graphics.

Why should you care about UX design?

The user experience design is very critical in attracting and retaining users. For instance, when creating a software or mobile app, the user experience largely determines whether users install and use your app or feel it is not giving them value.

If the end-users do not enjoy using your digital product, that results in revenue loss and denies you a competitive advantage. Therefore companies that invest in UX design when creating digital products have a competitive edge.

The bottom line

Good UX design plays a significant role in the success of your digital product. Therefore you should prioritize your users’ needs when creating a digital product to meet their expectations.