The value of your home greatly depends on how or what it looks from the outside. Having a cool patio with a beautiful lawn and some garden gnomes can do the job perfectly well, but you can still beautify it more to attract onlookers. The exterior of your home creates the bulk of your home beauty. It shows what your home looks like from the outside and it’s the first impression which you set for your visitors.

However, when designing your home exterior, don’t force yourself to adapt to changes that you completely repel. Try enhancements that can improve the look and feel of your entire home and add a curb appeal.

Are you wondering what 4 ways one can use to make your home’s exterior an eye-candy for others?

Got Space? Add a Covered Entrance to Your Home

Having a covered entrance to your home’s front door isn’t all about protecting your homefront from rain water and stormy winds, but it also adds beauty to your front door and makes your home exterior exciting. You can start by adding a small portico with a pediment, to give your home a colonial style look theme.

If your home is expansive and you have more room to add a covered entrance, then take the chance to extend it. Having a long covered entrance can give your home the perfect look and feel ever.

Hang a Lantern Outside Your Front Door

Lanterns are a great addition and can bring the perfect essence out of your home exterior. Believe it or not, but a lantern hanging on the front porch is just about everything you need to add a bit of light to your front porch. It adds more depth and brings more definition to your home exterior making it unique from other similar homes on the block. If you have a traditional styled home, you can always try a nautical-style lantern. Although there are many other modern variants, a traditional one is still the best option.

To each their own, based on your home front porch and requirements, choose a lantern that works best with your home exterior makeover. Fuel up your front porch beauty by adding the perfect lantern to it.

Invest in Changing the Front Door Entrance to Add More Appeal

One of the things that can truly make an impact to the exterior of your home is the different style door which you can use to make your house stand out from the rest. You can either choose a wooden door or you can choose one with a pane of glass depending on your preference. However, do your research well before proceeding with purchasing a door because there are plenty of door options in the market.

After all, when it comes to doors, you need to make sure that you pick out the best one for your home. Always pick the one that suits best for your home architectural style and can add more detail.

Double check the construction and see if it’s sturdy. Be careful about the glass, as there are some that allow sunlight to enter your premises and others that deflect the light from entering your premises.

Find the one that fits your personal requirement.

Don’t Forget to Redo the Driveway

Last but certainly not the least, try to redo the driveway of your home. It may be the last piece of the puzzle of your home exterior but it is a very significant element of your home. If you want to make sure your home appears in great shape, look and feel to your customers, then make sure that you do the driveway in a way that it perfectly matches the style of your home.

When recreating your driveway, you can use plenty of options such as stained concrete, brick or normal masonry. Beautify it with the right material and at the same time, ensure its durability.

Don’t forget to redo the driveway. If you’re in Canada, hire a Vancouver painting company to repaint your entire house along with the driveway to bring out the perfect appeal.

So there you go, here are my 4 giveaways to make your home exterior a wonderful one.