Let’s admit one thing that we just hate to admit. Approximately, at least more than half a pound of plastic is being consumed every year by people around the world during the course of their daily lives. Just imagine, even your debit card is made of plastic including the coffee cup at your favorite coffee shop in the town.

That means, once these plastic items are discarded into the ocean or the environment, microplastics start to process and break down into smaller pieces. Once these pieces are really microscopic and small, they are easy to get into water streams and gradually enter the food chain starting from marine life such as the fish.

Since plastic is made out of natural, organic materials like cellulose, salt, crude oil, it makes it difficult to decompose. The daily plastic bottle we use takes 450 years to break down. Since the numbers are quite painful to accept, our urgent need to start making green choices such as recycling and reusing plastic bottles is highly crucial for the health of our planet. And nowhere does it start other than your home or trade waste leeds. So if any plastic catches your eyes, don’t throw it away. You can start to collect them and get about with creative solutions.

Here are some artsy projects that you can convert your plastics into usable treasure or a simple home decor:

Bottle Planters

Ever thought your indoor plants wouldn’t fit into your plastic bottle? You may be wrong because they can if you cut up the bottle into half leaving the bottom part of it to fill with soil and then arrange your plant accordingly. Cactus and herb plants might sit well in your little nursery at the balcony or windows.

Pet Feeder

Tired of not finding the right feeding plate for your cats at home? Try a hand at upcycling the leftover plastic bottles that are quite durable for  long use. 

Mobile Charger

Yes, that giant old baby cream lotion bottle can benefit your mobile too. Start charging with a charging dock made from plastic. This way your brand new phone can power through a two hour movie night or a nonstop Instagram scroll session at the sofa.

Bottle Cap Mosaics

Fortunately, not all bottles come in the same color. If you are the artsy type, you could get a blank canvas board and try a hand at some wall art with plastic bottle caps. You could also ask your friends to hand over their collection of bottle caps if they do have too. Use some glue and get busy with your eco friendly and vividly bright plastic recycling project your house walls truly need.