Did you ever wonder why your AC is so expensive to run? Besides consuming a lot of electricity, factors such as dirty filters, leaks, lack of maintenance, bad installment or simply an old system are what really cause your energy bill to skyrocket. A smart thermostat can be the answer to all these problems.

  1. Your AC and Your Energy Bill

Your AC takes the largest portion of your utility bill. Air conditioners do use a lot of electricity, but it is the loss of efficiency that really results in a higher electricity bill and here is how

Poor maintenance

When air filters get dirty or aren’t replaced regularly, debris will build up, restricting air flow. Therefore, your AC will take longer to do its job, while the motor and compressor will get overheated, both consuming even more electricity. Regular maintenance also prevents possible breakdowns that carry significant costs.


A duct leak reduces your system’s ability to distribute air and achieve the desired temperature. Therefore, your device will work harder and longer, while performing poorly, but still increasing your electricity bill.

Failing parts

If a single component struggles, the system is less efficient and the motor has to work even harder to keep up, further increasing your electricity bill.

Outdated system

Old systems are less efficient than newer ones.

Bad installation

There is also a possibility that the device was not installed properly. Besides leading to frustrating breakdowns, the unit could be going on and off. Considering that ACs use the most energy when starting and that they are most efficient when startups are reduced, even a wrongly installed unit can contribute to your monthly energy bill.

  1. Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats come with many surprising benefits that improve any house for years to come.

Save energy and save money

As your AC accounts for the majority of energy usage, a smart thermostat can help save energy thus lowering your monthly Eversource expenses.

No need to worry about being forgetful

Smart thermostats connect to your smartphone via a Wi-Fi connection, a smart thermostat will learn your schedule without you having to tell it. Yet, you still have the freedom to make any changes from your smartphone, wherever you are. Moreover, when away, you will be informed of any unexpected change. But, how cool is it that you can adjust your thermostat while still in bed…

Easy to use and useful

These apps are easy to set up and program, with a huge level of satisfaction as they allow you to measure your consumption and compare month to month.

  1. Other Ways to Help Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

Even without a smart thermostat, there are many simple things you can do to trim your HVAC costs.

Keep dark curtains closed during summer and use natural light during winter

Blocking sun rays will make it easier to cool down your house whereas using sunshine will help keep it warm, altogether reducing the strain on your HVAC system.

Give your thermostat some air

Frequently changing the temperature on your thermostat equates to significant energy waste. Moreover, for each one degree you sacrifice by dressing up for the occasion, you will save even more. Dress lightly in summer and put on some sweaters and cuddle up under a blanket during winter.

Fix air leaks

Make sure doors and windows are air sealed. Insulation or weather stripping pays for itself as air leaks result in significant energy waste.

Takeaway – Getting a smart thermostat is always a smart decision. Considering that HVAC costs make the majority of your utility bill, any energy-saving decision on this front will bring significant savings but a smart thermostat will solve many of your problems at once. It will make your home even more comfortable, while saving you energy and money by putting your HVAC on pause when you’re away and allowing you to learn more about your energy consumption so you can further improve on the energy efficiency front.