Websites range from sleep to playful and minimalistic. You must consider your audience when determining a website design.

The internet may provide many inspirations for web design to create something, which exudes the brand’s identity to the fullest. If you can combine those inspirations and the following tips, you will be able to create a compelling site:

Start with Layout

The goal of eCommerce sites is to translate traffic to sales. For this reason, it is vital that the graphic design website features guide users quickly towards sales, leading from a landing page to a product page and checkout.

User experience needs to be the main focus for eCommerce sites, and simplicity will trump confusing clutters all the time.

Consider Site Speed

Nothing makes visitors bounce faster than slow-loading websites. As a matter of fact, 49% of users bounce once after looking at just the homepage.

This means speed is an important part of improving website design. You may use free tools, such as Google’s Page Speed Insights, to achieve improvement.

Showcase Services and Products

According to most digital marketing agencies, it is important to ensure your homepage clearly showcases your services and products.

Many small businesses benefit a lot by including stock or professional videos and pictures. It would be important to ensure that your product pictures and descriptions are:

  • Appropriate
  • Crisp
  • Clean

Make it Mobile-Responsive

Mobile responsiveness is vital for your site to be efficient. An American adult usually spends five hours or so on their smartphones daily, spending a third of that time buying online. Needless to say, your website needs to provide a positive experience to users.

Failure to that, when potential customers land on your WordPress website and find it hard to navigate on their mobile devices, they will easily abandon your site in favor of the competitor’s site.

Optimize for Conversions

Using web design services to optimize your site for conversions will make it easy for users to get from the homepage to your thankyou page.

Any confusion on the way may tempt your potential and future customers to click off the site – something that you don’t want to happen.

Mapping the journey of users will do the magic to improve the bounce rate. You should test it and enlist the assistance of others to ensure you get from one point to another.

Visualize by Crafting a Wireframe

A wireframe is basically a skeptical outline for websites. Similar to a blueprint of a home, the wireframe gives a 2D picture of the structure, functionality, and layout of your site.

You may create a wireframe using a paper and pen or digitally work with a brand writing creator to visually communicate the website’s structure.

The Takeaway!

Taking enough time to use some of these tips on your site will bring a great change, which improves your site’s customer rates, performance, and experience.

While designing a website is one of the intimidating projects, you’re definitely not alone in this. So, if you are unsure of a website redesign or something similar, consult experienced designers for help.