Technology can be loosely defined as anything invented that has utility. This definition may not be perfect, but it will be sufficient for our purposes.

When people think of technology today, they normally think of electronics.

Sometimes they might think of highly complicated mechanical devices like cars. Neither of these tells the complete story.

The Story of Technology   

Technology and innovations have greatly accelerated during World War II. Massive public investment was put towards all sciences from both sides of the war. After the war effort concluded, the Cold War replaced it.

This further stimulated the development of many technologies. We see many of them as common nowadays. These technologies include things such as GPS and the Internet. Many of these technologies help to keep us better connected today than ever before.

However, many people realize that there is a dark side to these as well.

1. Digital Revolution and The Rise of Technology   

With an Internet connection, you are instantly connected to a massive knowledge database. Throughout history, the vast majority of people were completely illiterate, let alone access any books.

Now you can access nearly anything that anyone has ever written with just a few clicks. This provides us with a ton of power, but there is also a responsibility that comes along with it.

When we are irresponsible with how we use technology, it can harm us both mentally and physically.

2. Pros and Cons of Technology   
Most people only think of the benefits of technology. It is vital for you in life to maintain a balanced perspective. That means that sometimes you must play the devil’s advocate.

Even if you are supportive of technology, consider what detriments it may have.

Technology can allow us to be more productive. It is also able to help us connect with the people we love, and to shop for the things we use every day. Today you can go and look at CT electric rates via the internet anywhere in the world, and use it to compare utility rates and find the best possible deal for electricity in your area.

The benefits of technology are versatile because technology is versatile. Technology can do nearly anything.

People think of technology as only beneficial in many instances. That is not the full truth. Technology can have some detriments. It can be used to create harmful things that are deadly to people around the world.

Just think of all the destruction that has been brought by war over the course of history. Much of this destruction was the direct result of new technology at the time.

Today, we more often find ourselves confronted with a different adversary. Addiction can be insidious. It is not easy to recognize until you are in its grasp.

Technology addiction is a more and more prevalent malady in Western societies.

3. Tech Addiction and How to Fight It   

If you believe that you are addicted to technology, it is imperative for you to seek help. Addition to technology is just as serious as any other addiction.

However, you can overcome it with a dedicated focus and a good support group.

Be Honest With Yourself
The first step to fixing any problem is completely honest with yourself. If you have an issue with technology, you will only ever be able to confront it if you are honest.

Once you are honest with yourself, then you can begin the process of healing.

Set Limits And Have A Support Group

Time limits and support groups are vital for your recovery.

Limit the amount of technology that you use each day. Let your supporters know and have them enforce those limits for you in the beginning.

Over time allow yourself to have more independence but keep them in the loop.