Once we have our pvc tarpaulin printed, the question of its placement arises. Personally I think that it is a job that must be carried out by qualified personnel with a lot of experience, especially in the installation of large canvases, but I would not want to be scared either, since being a bit of a “handyman” it is not difficult to do.

Here you can go for more tips on hanging canvas prints.

What we Can Give you Are Some Tips:

The first thing to differentiate is the location of the canvas sign.

If the installation is inside a premises or warehouse, this will be easier and less problematic. You can screw it to the wall using plugs and screws or use adhesive velcro for pvc canvas.

If you have any metal mesh, metal supports, cables or ropes; You will be able to fix the printed canvas banner by means of plastic ties.

When the installation of the advertising canvas is outside, things get complicated. Here the first thing to take into account is its location. Look for places with little exposure to air, both from the side and from the rear. Keep in mind that a large printed canvas is like the sail of a boat and that the wind will put enormous pressure on it even if it is a printed micro-perforated canvas. A smooth wall would be the best option.


Always choose in your order the perimeter reinforcement of the large-format canvas and the placement of plastic eyelets. Use the appropriate plugs according to the type of wall or the size of the advertising sign, put wide washers between the screw and the eyelets.


If the billboard is going to be installed on a metal structure, you can use polyester straps with a metal buckle. These tapes allow progressive tightening from the eyelets to the structure, as well as having a lot of resistance.

Another option would be the placement of an elastic cord for canvas tension. This system has the advantage that the canvas is never fully taut and the rubber absorbs strong wind blows. Personally I think that it is a better system than the straps with a buckle, but its placement is quite cumbersome.


This system would be the best of all, it is hermetic and prevents the wind from entering behind the canvas and tearing it off. In addition, aesthetically the canvas is perfectly taut. The main drawback of this system is its high price.


Always choose clear and windless days. Always check the weather forecast

If you use ladders, scaffolding or lifting platforms, be very careful and follow the safety regulations in this regard.

Do not take unnecessary risks during placement.

Remember that printed advertising banners must be placed securely and that they can become dangerous or cause serious accidents if they fall.

If in doubt, hire a qualified professional.