Malaysia is aware of the need for environmental protection of its natural resources, but no one can guarantee the quality of the water you drink. You need to assume responsibility for the quality of the water you provide for your family by buying the best water purifier in Malaysia

The danger imposed by companies dumping their waste products in the rivers we use as water sources is increasing. Businesses are seeking to cut costs and skirt environmental regulations as competition. In 2020, over a million customers in the Klang Valley of the nation’s capital had extended water cuts imposed after it was discovered that illegal chemical dumping was taking place. Less than a month later, a similar crime took place that left a million more homes without water for a number of days.

Taking Matters into Your Hands

With more and more pollution accidents and lapses happening in Malaysia, many parents are becoming concerned with the quality of the water in their region of the country. After all, your family’s health comes before everything else. And you can ease your anxieties simply by buying one of the best water purifiers in Malaysia.

There has been a rapid advancement in the technology of water purifiers today that takes advantage of nanotechnology to filter out the smallest contaminants and provide the safest and purest drinking water ever. 

Efficient and Finer Filtration

Whereas the water filters of yesterday relied on the simple process of osmosis to handle most of their filtration chores, the best water purifiers in Malaysia today are using several different techniques.

They first use a sediment filter to filter out the largest impurities before tackling the chemical content and improving the water’s taste with activated carbon filters. Then, they use nanotechnology to filter out viruses, bacteria and heavy metals. This nanotechnology can allow certain beneficial minerals to remain while ridding the water of the most harmful contaminants. 

These new water filters can also add healthy minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium back into your filtered water.  

Interactive Water Filters

And what would the best water filters in Malaysia be without providing interactivity via your smartphone? One of the brands of this new generation of water filters, Snaptec, offers various features that you can access via an Android-enabled smartphone in their flagship Aurra Pro model water filter with Watertrack technology. 

The app is called Snaptec Connect, and it allows you to schedule maintenance and emergency servicing of your filter through your phone. It also allows parents to keep track of how much water their family is drinking through their Personal and Family Hydration Tracking programme. 

This programme can issue daily, weekly and monthly reports on your family’s water consumption and even reward points. You can redeem your points through vouchers and discounts with Snaptec products as well as their popular partner brands.  

Experience the future of water filtration technology with one of the best water filters in Malaysia.