As control systems become more sophisticated and complex, it makes choosing the right one especially important. And if you want customized functionality or integration for your control system, you need to be sure to hire a programmer that’s highly skilled and experienced. Extron has, for many years, been a leader in AV control system. Here’s how Extron programming can benefit different types of commercial environments.

Extron Programming for Corporations that Value Effective Communication

Communication can be a challenge for even the smallest companies, but when you have a large company, with multiple offices, communicating effectively can be a massive undertaking. A well-designed AV system with the right technology can help make communication, as well as collaboration, easier.

Extron products are designed to work together to improve communication in environments such as conference rooms, huddle rooms and collaboration spaces, training rooms, and even corporate lobbies. Extron products, accompanied by expert Extron programming, can allow corporations to automate certain tasks, such as preparing a room for a presentation, and make other tasks simple, such as conducting a video conference call with multiple offices. Imagine walking into a conference room and, with the pressing of one button, the lighting adjusts and the room’s presentation system powers up. The presenter plugs in his or her laptop and can easily display information to everyone in the room. When the meeting is over, the room can be powered down with the touch of another button and the cleaning crew can be alerted that the room needs to be prepared for the next meeting. Rooms can also be reserved using an Extron scheduling system. F

Extron Programming for Hospitality Environments to Improve the Guest Experience

Guests at hotels and entertainment venues—especially higher end establishments—are increasingly expecting a great experience. This means that venues need to step up their game in terms of technology. The right lighting, audio, video displays, can enhance an environment and give guests the memorable experience they’re looking for. But managing all of this technology can be complicated for staff members—unless it is all integrated and easy to control. That’s where Extron technology and Extron programming come in. Even the most impressive systems can be managed through a single, intuitive touch panel that just about anyone can learn how to operate. Everything, including video walls, distributed audio systems, lighting systems, and climate control systems, can be automated and controlled easily when it is all integrated through an Extron system with customized programming.

Extron Programming for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare environments, more than just about any other environment, require well-designed AV systems that will allow professionals to view and share images and vital information reliably. Extron has products that provide amazing image quality and allow medical professionals to create displays that present X-rays and images, vitals, and other patient data all in one place. An Extron programing professional can ensure that the AV system in any healthcare environment is reliable, as well as secure and easy to operate.

Extron Programming for Institutions of Learning

While not technically a “commercial” environment, Extron programming is also beneficial to institutions of higher education, such as colleges, universities, and trade schools. As classrooms become more and more dependent on technology, it’s important to provide educators and students with technology that is reliable and easy to use. By using Extron products with customized programming, classroom technology can be both simple and effective. Educators and students alike can display the contents of their personal laptops on a classroom screen for all to see. Lectures can be easily recorded and streamed for the benefit of online learners, and both in-person students and those online can hear professors clearly through the use of wireless microphones.

In conclusion, environments of all types can benefit from Extron programming—especially environments that are highly dependent on technology for the sharing of information.