If you are one of the lucky few, then you’d walk the journey of life without finding the remains of a dead body. There is no denying the fact that coming upon the body of a deceased person can be a traumatic experience for all. It is one thing to stay beside the sickbed of a loved one before their death, it is a different ball game entirely when you suddenly come upon a dead body. So what is the first thing to do when you find yourself in such a situation? While hiring a company that specializes in crime scene cleaning services Atlanta Georgia is a wise move, no one will be allowed access to the scene of the event unless the police have completed their investigative works.

Why You Should Leave the Body Alone

Regardless of your relationship with the deceased, it is recommended that you do not go close to the body not to mention touching it. Keep your distance from the body. Unless the remains are those of an individual who just died recently, you should be able to know the difference between a dead body and someone who lost consciousness and needs urgent medical attention to be revived. If given the situation there is no way you can administer emergency medical attention to revive the individual, stay clear.

Medical experts advise against making contact with the remains of the deceased. If you fail to take heed, then you are putting your life at risk. A lifeless body decomposes rather quickly, and a decomposed body is home to lots of bloodborne pathogens. These harmful pathogens include viruses and bacteria that are carriers of life-threatening illnesses. Some of these harmful contaminants include Hepatitis, MRSA, HIV, and more.

Another reason why you should not touch the dead body is not to disrupt evidence that leads to the cause of death. Law enforcement agencies will like the scene to remain untouched. You never know what they might find on the scene of the event. Some of the probable causes of death may include murder, accident, suicide, Illness, and homicide, just to name a few.

The law enforcement agents and local coroners will need answers to the following questions: why, how, and when did it happen? One of the ways to do this is to search the environment for any incriminating evidence.

Since the investigative officers will like to know the cause and manner of death, refrain from disrupting the scene of the event. Your only duty as a witness is to dial the emergency number. Making contact with the body may likely have a negative impact on the investigative process. Make sure you work closely with the investigators. Once they are done with their job, the next line of action is the cleaning and sanitizing of the environment. If you are more concerned about your health status, then it is recommended that you leave this task to professional crime scene cleaning services in Atlanta Georgia. Seek the professional assistance of an experienced crime scene cleanup specialist