A clean workspace and well-cared reception are the signature of every company. Achieving perfect and comfortable atmosphere in the office space is impossible without structured and professional approach. Shen has been a market leader in the cleaning industry for many years and is professional in fast and quality cleaning.

The cleaning of the office space is the process of creating a good working environment where employees are able to fully unlock their creativity potential and bring maximum benefit to the company. Employees should be in a well-cared environment every morning which will effect on their emotional calmness and increase their ability to work.

Our cleaning service includes a set of measures to remove dust and various types of  dirt from all surfaces. Our employees perform the washing of:

  • floors;
  • walls;
  • windows;
  • furniture;
  • work surfaces;
  • hard-to-reach places.

Our employees perform the full cleaning on the staircase, in the hall, bathroom, work spaces and other areas. High qualification of specialists allows to perform external washing of windows and the facade of a building with the help of climbing equipment.

We perform cleaning services according to a planned schedule or come for a one-time call for general cleaning. Even the stains which are hard to get rid of are removed with the help of highly effective detergents and modern equipment. Our professional commercial office cleaning process helps to clean delicate surfaces without damaging them.

We can easily get in perfect cleanliness:

  • surfaces of high ceilings;
  • lighting devices;
  • mirror or glass surfaces;
  • carpets and upholstered furniture.

Our specialists perform the disinfection, pest control, deratization and complete cleaning of the surrounding area.

Why choose us

We practice a professional approach to tasks of any complexity. Our employees work effectively where others give up. Shen adheres to international standards and guarantees the safety of all property. Quality control is performed at each stage of the cleaning of office building.

We employ specialists with many years of experience. They regularly take advanced training and work according to clearly formulated instructions. Our team of specialists has a special uniform and latest equipment that allows us to quickly deal with any kind of pollution. We offer affordable prices, first-class service, convenient schedules, and an official contract. The final cost is indicated in agreement and all points are prescribed that will be consistently implemented at the highest level.