The research and procurement which has assisted the development of the aviation industry across the world have been led by years of dedication and expertise. AFuzion has developed and enrolled several aviation certifications planning templates and checklists and has been dubbed as the most advanced, and preferred checklists in the world. 

As systems undergo rapid change and advancement to secure better security ratings and successful certification, AFuzion has been leading the industry in safety-critical aviation systems, even more, have quickly become the most trustworthy source of information and certification plans for thousands of aviation engineers across the globe. 

Eager to receive higher SEI CMM/CMMI ratings, read how AFuzion’s plans and checklists can assist your organization. 

What are SEI CMM/CMMI ratings? 

With aviation engineering, just as in many other tech and software-driven industries, the CMMI or Capability Maturity Model Integration process has been developed to assist companies and tech organizations enhance and instill productive capabilities. Additionally, the CMMI acts as a ‘barrier’, which in time helps these organizations decrease the risk of the product, software, and service failure during the development and/or deployment process. 

Advance technology and software have rapidly become a crucial aspect of avionics, lowering the risk of malfunctioning aircraft software for commercial, cargo, and related uses. This process was an adaptation of modernization, helping organizations and companies to have better access to tools that can enhance the improvement of projects and encourage productivity.  

Plans and Checklists offered by AFuzion 

As mentioned above, CMMI ratings can be immensely critical for many organizations, and in the same breath, the complexities that can be found to achieve successful ratings can quickly become a difficult task. 

To ensure organizations are up to date with the latest plans and checklists, AFuzion has garnered years of knowledge, expertise, and industry experience to offer clients the following: 

DO-178C Plans, Standards, and Checklists include:

  • Plan for Software Aspects of Certification 
  • Software Design Coding and Design Standard
  • Software Verification Plan 
  • Software Quality Assurance Plan Checklist 
  • Source Code Review Checklist and many more. 

DO-254 Plans, Standards, and Checklists, but not limited to:

  • Plans for Hardware Aspects of Certification 
  • Hardware Interface Control Document 
  • Hardware Accomplishment Summary 
  • Hardware Development Plan 
  • Hardware Verification and Validation Plan 

ARP 475A Plans, Standards, and Checklists, but not limited to:

  • PASA Preliminary Aircraft Safety Assessment Template 
  • System Requirements Management Plan Template 
  • System Validation and Verification Standard
  • Plan for Software Aspects of Certification Checklist 
  • System Configuration Index Checklist 

These and many others are all available to AFuzion clients and engineers to ensure reusability and certification. 

Why it’s important to get higher SEI CMM/CMMI ratings?            

With most things in engineering, the higher your rating the better the end product. To receive a higher rating, organizations will need to endure complex certification processes while adhering to regulatory standardization requirements. The higher the rating, the more provable, compliant, safe, developed, and manageable the results will be. This will ensure the organization will garner client safety, a crucial aspect in avionics, and maximize productivity.