This year proved to be one of the most challenging for businesses. The extended adverse effects of the pandemic have caused many small businesses to close. Fortunately, many enterprises were able to remain afloat with the help of digital marketing. Since a majority of customer activity shifted online mostly for safety and convenience, companies that were able to adapt by maximizing online activity were at an advantage. And since 2021 is expected to be equally challenging, every SEO company is on the lookout for the most effective methods that will help their clients achieve their goals for the next year.

The internet is a key aspect of how customers interact with businesses

Even before the pandemic, the internet has already revolutionized customer behavior. According to predictions, 95% of purchases by 2040 will take place online. The good thing is, digital marketing methods are not only effective but are also measurable. What this means for a business owner is that you can determine the efficacy of your strategy, making every penny spent worth it.

Whether it’s your first time exploring digital marketing strategies or are considering to update your current tactics, this article is for you. This article aims to provide insight into the strategies every entrepreneur should include in their marketing efforts. Of course, the ultimate goal is ensuring that whichever method you choose, there’s visible proof of increased customer interaction and sales.

What is an SEO company, and why do you need to hire one?

The first digital marketing strategy that will be highlighted in this article is SEO. It’s a vital strategy because most online interactions begin with a search. What it does is make a business visible online, increase traffic organically, and convert site visitors into customers. On top of these benefits, SEO is also responsible for creating brand awareness and customer engagement.

Hiring a Phoenix SEO company offers an additional advantage because an agency has the experience and expertise necessary to adapt to the fast-paced changes associated with this type of online marketing. And according to predictions, the following trends are expected to change the SEO landscape next year.

  • User experience and its importance. Google is a game-changer in the world of SEO. And any agency will tell you that responding to the changes implemented by Google is essential to any online marketing strategy. Every SEO company should recognize how UX signals factor into page rankings.
  • The intent of the user will become more important than the keyword. This trend means that the search engine will become more precise in finding relevant content based on the searcher’s intent rather than by mere keywords. For marketers, what this entails is making sure that content is based on the target audience’s intent and how reading the content will help address their needs.

Having a good grasp of the current SEO landscape and the rapid changes and trends is a factor that should be considered when hiring an SEO company. SEO is a time-consuming process that entails consistent effort. It’s certainly one strategy that should only be left to the experts.

What other tactics are most relevant for digital marketing in 2021?

In addition to SEO, here is a detailed look at four additional marketing tactics that every business should consider in 2021. This list may not be extensive, but your Phoenix SEO Company will certainly determine if these methods are suitable or if there are other tactics that work best to meet your company’s needs.

  1. Social media marketing. Social media is critical because almost every consumer today has at least one social media account. The primary advantage of having a consistent and well-managed social media marketing strategy is the ability to engage and interact with customers. Communicating with your target audience builds a relationship, and they feel more valued.
  2. Email marketing. Email marketing may be an old strategy, but it still works! Every SEO company recommends this tactic because it is highly targeted. Since the email goes directly into your target customer’s account, there’s an opportunity to personalize the content and make the information more relevant to the anticipated need. Emails help increase brand recognition and also serve as a promotional tactic for new products and services.
  3. Content marketing. Every online marketing strategy wouldn’t be complete without focusing on quality content. It’s even more significant because content can be integrated with other tactics such as SEO. The purpose of using content to market a brand is its capability to direct leads to the business website. These leads, in turn, get converted into sales. There are several popular content marketing methods such as blogging, writing guest posts, and distributing content to news sites and online magazines. Nowadays, video content is also a common tactic used, especially with social media. Customers that are active on social media channels tend to interact more when the content is in video format instead of pure text.
  4. Marketing through podcasts. Another trendy method for marketing that will be effective in 2021 is podcasting. More and more people are losing interest in reading articles. Instead, they are becoming more interested in listening to podcasts about various content they’re interested in. Social media influencers and other celebrities host podcasts to talk about specific issues and topics that are relevant today. Businesses can take advantage of these influencers to advertise their products and services. The good thing about podcasting is that the people hosting them have the reputation and expertise; hence listeners trust their judgment.

If the business is willing to spend more for speedy results, you can hire an SEO company that will help create paid campaigns, otherwise known as pay per click marketing. The bottom line here is that choosing a foolproof online marketing tactic will depend on a variety of factors. The methods discussed here are indeed the most popular and have proven positive results time and again. However, there may be new techniques worth considering. If the business is new to digital marketing, the best approach is to hire a consultant or agency that will identify the needs and provide the most suitable solution.