Are you running a video marketing campaign for your digital business? Is the campaign really working out in your favor? In today’s world, video has become a vital component of your content marketing strategy.

Brands which are failing to leverage the power of video content in their online marketing practices are missing a great deal. However, not every marketing team on the block can crunch profitable numbers out of their video marketing efforts. And usually, it’s because of the common blunders which they observe while designing their videos or video marketing campaigns. Are you eager to learn about these mistakes?

We asked a Los Angeles video production company and they collaborated to give us a brief overview.

Here are 5 common video marketing mistakes every video editor/marketer must avoid.

Don’t Publish Long & Lengthy Videos

When it comes to video marketing, make sure that you do not publish long and lengthy videos. When creating a video marketing campaign, one of the most essential things to keep in mind is whether you’ve kept the target audience in mind or not. Analyzing the audience will help you create the perfect marketing video which can help you reach your target market more easily & effectively. Nowadays, people have shorter attention spans. They can hardly focus on things for just mere seconds. It’s those seconds in which a marketer must ensure that their target audience feels attracted & convinced to make a purchase. So when you are designing videos for your marketing campaigns, make sure to keep the length short.

When It Comes to Branding, Be Straightforward

Most video marketers often make this common silly mistake of not keeping their brand messaging clear. So when it comes to videos, make sure to express your brand message with absolute clarity. Try asking a series of questions such as, what is the purpose of your brand? How can your brand help others to fix their problems? What solution is your brand offering to customers? How is it making an ease of access to these solutions which they are seeking? When creating a video for social media or your website, make sure to consider all of these questions before creating video content. While portraying your brand name & educating the masses on its benefits is one thing, you can also use captions to make the most of it.

Don’t Publish Boring Content

Most digital marketing departments invest a great deal in creating artful and interactive videos; however, when it comes to the content itself, it turns out that what they publish sort of becomes quite boring. Now, if there’s one thing that’s never going to convince the audience to take action is boring content. What’s the point of investing thousands of dollars in creating a video but the narrative which you’re using sort of confuses the audience instead of convincing them. Therefore, it is important that you should capitalize on publishing content where a narrative clearly defines the purpose of your brand and at the same time ensures that the audience remains well connected. Always publish content that attracts.

Don’t Forget the MetaDatas When Publishing Video Content

If you want to increase your reach, there’s no one site through which you will share your content. Let’s assume that if you’re planning to publish your video content on YouTube, then there’s a high chance that people would search your content through its search feature. Also, your video will appear in the featured sections, the recommended sections, discover pages and other such locations. Hence, it is essential that you perform a thorough keyword research and then use those keywords in your titles, descriptions, tags and similar text fields. When strategically placed, these keywords will make your video content easily searchable on YouTube’s search options. Therefore ,make sure your content becomes easily searchable.

Don’t Start too Slow with your Video

When it comes to video marketing, you must understand your audience first. 

An average person on the Internet now has a decreased attention span of merely 10 seconds. Therefore, when creating a video make sure to maximize your brand messaging in the initial 10 seconds. It’s where and how you’re going to hook your audience’s attention. So make sure to keep your brand messaging strong in that time limit. Provide a clear purpose and make content as interactive as it could get.