Having a website built for you can be a costly endeavor. However, you can save yourself money by knowing what goes into developing a website, and how much everything should cost. That is why we put together this website development pricing guide to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Who Is Involved In Building A Website?

When you hire an agency or other web development company, you are not just hiring one person. Well, you shouldn’t be anyway. Building a website requires multiple areas of expertise and involves a number of people to ensure it gets done right.

Project Managers

There should be a dedicated project manager ready to help you through the entire process. It is their job to explain everything to you and maintain steady communication so that you always know what is going on with your website. They cost around $700.

Website Designers

Designers are the ones that make your website look appealing to users. They figure out how the content should be organized and insert high-quality images. A good designer costs around $3,000.

Professional Copywriters

Copywriters help your content flow. Their job is to make every sentence on your website engaging and easy to read. They do their best to describe your business and get people to buy from you. A good copywriter costs around $300.

Expert Developers

Developers are the ones who do all the coding for your website. They ensure everything runs smoothly and quickly for the best user experience possible. An expert developer costs around $5,000.

Other Aspects of Website Building

Besides the main jobs, most people think about, there are other important aspects that go into website building.

Ongoing Maintenance

Your website will need to be updated and improved as time goes on. Simple bug fixes and added pages are harder to do than you might think. This service usually costs around $1,000.

Local SEO

To help get your website noticed, many developers will perform local SEO. This increases your chance of appearing in local searches and costs around $500.

Overall Costs

Put all those costs together and you’re looking at around $10,500 for a premium website. Developers that charge much higher than that is probably not worth it. However, there are a few developers, like Atavion, that have figured out how to streamline the process and get the same sort of quality results.