• Everyone including manufacturers and consumers will have a changed mindset after coronavirus -Steven Czyrny, Founder, The Analyst Agency

Mumbai 28th July 2020:Market research is the key to a brand or company to further understand the mindset of their consumers and clients. The COVID 19 pandemic has ripped through the global economy in the last few months, and market research will be even more critical to comprehend the consumer behavior post COVID. India is an emerging market for several international brands and companies who are looking to set-up base operations in the country, and for those looking to expand into new markets. Looking at this opportunity, Buffalo & Toronto-based premier market research firm, The Analyst Agency, are expanding their services to India. The Analyst Agency is one of the most highly respected market research and consulting firms in North America, and caters to whole range clients from banks, financial institutions, law firms, start-ups, and more.

Companies looking for ways to make their organizations more efficient or gain new intelligence should take advantage of the marketplace at this time through these service offerings. Steven Czyrny, Founder, The Analyst Agency shared, “The time is ripe for expansion to India, as everyone including manufacturers and consumers have a changed mindset post-COVID. With new industries looking for a space in the Indian market, The Analyst Agency can help them understand the Indian market better, thus making the risk-taking easier and helping them redefine their goals and acquire customers. We look forward to working with the great people of India to help their economy grow even more.”

In addition, the company can help Indian companies obtain leads in North America and Europe, and advise their growth strategies, should they wish to obtain business outside of India. The Analyst Agency positions itself at a pivotal point to help companies implement new marketing, business process, and sales tools, as a lot of companies are embracing new business and technology to help improve their operations. In India, the firm will be expanding into new areas like sales, market research, and business process improvement. The firm is looking to help clients with projects in corporate IT, helping companies manage the acquisition and development of new software; digital marketing including, mobile and online advertising and management of customer-service platforms; and blending those with custom market research so that clients can improve their operations, their sales & marketing, and their business, customer, and competitive landscapes.

About TheAnalyst Agency:

The Analyst Agency was founded in 2011 by Steven Czyrny, a research and business development professional who has direct experience managing projects for both startups and large corporations. Starting as a boutique digital marketing agency, TheAnalyst Agency has grown to become an award-winning, global research, marketing, and technology advisory services firm with locations in the United States, Canada, and India. In 2017, we appropriately rebranded as The Analyst Agency to reflect our full-service business analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, and unique problem-solving services. Companies contact us when they need actionable insights, business process improvements, and digital transformation. In 2020, we were named a Top Consumer Research Company in Quirk’s Magazine and featured by Clutch.co and GoodFirms.Whether you want to start a business, acquire new customers, or transform your operations, we can help. Visit https://theanalystagency.com/ and email [email protected] to learn more.

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