Sustainable cities are on the rise thanks to innovation and advancement in technology. In fact, due to these advancements, some cities are able to build wooden skyscrapers, making green construction a possibility for the future. 

More homes, more roads, and more infrastructures are covering the country and the entire world. The demand for housing tends to greatly increase each year. Even though society needs to meet these demands, we also need to be respectful and think about how more infrastructures will impact climate change. Around 40 percent of the world’s energy is consumed by construction, which is why the change to greener cities with buildings made from not-so-common building materials is on the rise. 

How is this done? Construction methods are making changes by using modern timber to construct wooden buildings, which are getting stronger and taller. The trend started in 2019 when Norway built a wooden skyscraper, marking the beginning of sustainable buildings.

As of now, Thailand has the highest wooden skyscraper, measuring 344 feet tall. The new revolution is made possible by the new method of gluing strips of laminated wood at 90 degrees angles and then compressed into huge beams or panels under extreme pressure. 

These wooden skyscrapers even landed their own name, plyscrapers. These plyscrapers used to be a conceptual design, but now they are a reality thanks to building regulations changing to meet the demand allowing these buildings to be constructed. Not only are they better for the environment, but they are also much more affordable to build and maintain. 

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