A guide for property managers

Managing a large commercial property requires a tremendous amount of upkeep, and proper upkeep requires knowledge. There are so many aspects that go into maintaining a healthy and immaculate property.

Part of that knowledge is knowing when to tend to certain aspects of your building.

As a commercial cleaning company, we’re here to tell you how often specific parts of your commercial property need to be cleaned and tended to. We’ll cover everything from air ducts down to the floors!

Commercial Air Ducts/HVAC

Having clean air ducts and an HVAC system is crucial for ensuring your commercial property is a healthy place to operate. HVAC systems in large commercial properties should receive routine cleaning and maintenance every three to five years. You should also replace filters every three months.


Commercial Carpets

Keeping your carpet clean won’t only help them stay in tip-top condition, it’s also essential for the overall health of your property and the longevity of your investment. Carpet flooring can look nice and plush, but it can also hide harmful organisms. With carpet floors, you must worry about dirt, dust, bacteria, and mold. That’s why you need to get your carpets professionally cleaned every six months to a year depending on the amount of traffic.

Commercial carpet should be professionally cleaned. Professionals will use carpet extractors and industrial vacuum cleaners with High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filtersbecause the traffic levels are much higher with commercial carpeting. They will also take care to identify the type of carpet fibers (nylon, wool, etc.) and use the appropriate cleaning solutions to help extend the life of your carpeting.


Concrete Floors

The fantastic thing about concrete floors is they’re easy to keep up with daily. But they can still require a bit of TLC every now and then. To help keep your concrete floors in perfect shape, you should get them polished every two to three years. Professional polishing done by a commercial cleaning service will help keep them free of stains and ensure they have that smooth like-new finish.


Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo floors are similar to concrete due to their easy-cleaning ability. That’s because of the strong sealant installers apply to Terrazzo flooring. Having a commercial cleaning crew perform a deep scrubbing every two weeks should help them stay in pristine condition. It’s also wise to polish them every so often to ensure they keep their shine.


Windows are one of the first things people will see on your building – keeping them in excellent condition is essential for making a great impression. To ensure your windows are always spotless, especially on the outside, they should be cleaned every two weeks. Cleaning them every two weeks is particularly crucial during the spring and summer months.

General Sanitization

General sanitization is essential for preventing health hazards and slowing the spread of viruses and other common ailments. That’s why it’s so crucial to perform general sanitization often. How often you may ask? Every single day! Your cleaning crew should sanitize all commonly used surfaces, such as tabletops, light switches, door handles, etc.

Various Appliances

This last section is here to help you cover those little things that many be people don’t think about. But little do they know; these things are a significant part of maintaining a building that is healthy and pristine.

Breakroom Fridges

Every three to four months


Inspect and Clean or Replace As needed

Lighting Fixtures

Dust weekly

Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company

If you need help keeping up on the tasks you see above, choose a company that specializes in commercial cleaning and not one that does businesses on the side. Look for a company that has expertise in the industry, good testimonials, and experience with your industry. RJC Enterprises serves only commercial and Government accounts in the Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia region offering professional commercial cleaning services.