Choosing the top seo agency in Washington dc. doesn’t have to be hard. It seems overwhelming because most companies don’t understand what a seo company does. Knowing what you need and what they offer which will vary is an important first step.

Steps to choosing Top Seo Company in Washington DC.

Make sure you know what your company needs

Are you online only? Do you need a local listing? Do you have a brick and mortar shop? What type of social media do you need to be on? You should answer these questions first so you can approach your choice of SEO companies that fit your needs. It only makes sense to know your needs before you can do that.

Know your budget

Budget is a subject of interest once you interview your SEO company. You don’t want to overspend, but you also don’t want to set your budget so low that you sacrifice quality that brings you no result. Have a ballpark figure in mind and chip away at it or add to it as you speak to the SEO company.

Look local first

SEO companies are a dime a dozen. They’re in every city and most towns of size. You should look for local companies first. Why? Because they will know the area, the demographic and what the flavor is of the area your target clients will be in.

Screen them locally

Become familiar with their portfolio. The company is in the same town with former clients. Visit some people they’ve served. Get a feel with the satisfaction rate they have with those that have come before you. Look at their testimonials online.

Does their clientele match the feel and the flavor of yours?

You may not think this is important for top seo companies washington dc but it is. It’s more than just finding keywords, it’s making content decisions based on that and what your customers search for and are engaged by.

One of the most important things you need to have proven that they can’t fake is past success.

What does that look like? It’s the actual brass tacks result. You need to see what type of result they provided past clients. That means money. How much were they responsible for a revenue spike?

They must prove their results in a way that is undeniable. Anyone can show you testimonials and today, they pay for reviews. We can see verifiable proof in their own records they keep of their reportable results.

The next most important thing is how they report and how often.

The best companies have several ways of reporting to the client. They also have a schedule when they do so. The whole point is to keep the client apprised and included in what is going on in their business. Too often, people have unpleasant experiences with SEO companies while in the experimental phase.

Why does this happen? For many reasons, but the top concern was lack of communication. It was not regular. It was spotty and the reporting scant. The client ends up not getting much result. They get a ton of useless content before they have to pay someone else to repurpose. This issue is a genuine disappointment, but an all too familiar story.


Approaching an SEO company the first time with all your cards on the table is the way to making sure that your choice will guarantee a solid and ongoing relationship.