Pediatric chiropractic care is a fair niche field and it may be hard to find such a chiropractic clinic in Singapore. This is a run-through of what to expect.  First things first, what a chiropractor will do is to go through the whole medical history of your child. This is then usually followed by some form of physical examination.  Most practitioners are trained to notice abnormalities in the spine and they will usually take note of this.

People immediately jump to conclusions and think that chiropractic care for infants and kids is the same for adults. Chiropractic care in essence is always ‘tailored’ to the individual and their particular spine, and this is especially true in the case of kids. There are many spinal and cranial adjustment therapies that are specific to just children.

Spinal adjustments for kids have to be very delicate to correct any spinal misalignments. This minimal force is usually enough to restore flexibility to the joints in the spine which have become an obstacle in the spinal movement of the individual. Other used techniques may involve the use of various instruments that can offer specific corrections.

Is it painful?

In most cases for children, not much pain is felt, unless it involves therapy for a child that has suffered an injury. In this case, the kid could be sensitive to pressure; however, after the adjustments are done, the area will have time and space to heal and the sensitivity is reduced. Overall, most parents say that most of their children actually enjoy their spinal adjustments and that they look forward to their next visit.

What are the durations like?

 A kid usually responds faster to spinal adjustment therapy than an adult, and only a few sessions are needed usually to get back to normality. The actual number of adjustments needed can vary from person to person though, as well as the severity, and area affected.

Is it safe?

There is virtually near to no risk of a kid suffering from an injury from these spinal adjustment sessions. It is meant to provide relief and healing and a lot has to go wrong for this to turn into something dangerous.

A major reason why parents bring their kids to chiropractors is as a result of a fall or a sports-related injury and usually, these injuries don’t manifest into symptoms for a period of time after the injury. Other than physical strain, emotional and hormonal stress might be reasons in affecting the nervous system, and this may cause spinal irregularities. Regular checkups are the way to identify these stresses and to treat these abnormalities before it manifests into something worse, like vertigo.